Sarah's Art Studio
Art by Sarah Meadows.

Pink for Rumielle, Black for Chiaki, Blue for Erika.

Matching the colours of their Magical Girl uniforms, their feather dusters are actually their transformation wands (themselves transformed - they have no feathers in their more mundane appearance). Further, the dusters transform into the girls' primary weapons - Rumielle has a winged bow that shoots arrows that magically appear when the string is drawn back; Chiaki's duster becomes a massive, one-handed war-hammer while a shield of light appears in her off-hand; and Erika gets a magician's staff with a somewhat intimidating appearance.

Also, all three have winged brooms they can summon. Yes, they have wings themselves, but using them to fly can be tiring, so for anything more than combat mobility, the girls use their brooms. Rumielle sits side-saddle on hers.

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