Rumielle Aoi: Though her given name is from the French "Lumiere," for light, she chooses to romanize it differently, using the vagueness brought about by both the /r/ and /l/ sounds not being separate in Japanese. Thus, Rumielle, or just Rumi for short. She's a first-year student at the prestigious Umehana Girls' High School and works part time at Cafe 9&. Recently, she was chosen as a Digital Angel, and thus reluctantly adds "magical girl" to her repertoire of abilities. There's something strange about her past...

Chiaki Akiyama: Third-year junior high student at Public School #39. She enjoys cooking - especially baking - and finds housework to be relaxing, but when she's not busy being her parents' little angel, she spends too much time playing online games and neglecting her homework. As such, she's a mediocre student. Recently chosen to be a Digital Angel, she calls Rumi "little sister," despite being the youngest of the group. She loves to sew, but is a bit of a tomboy when it comes to her own casual clothing, so she often ends up treating Rumi as her personal doll. Someday, she wants to learn how to play the guitar.

Erika Koike: A second-year student at Umehana Girls' High School and Rumielle's roommate. She's also works part time at Cafe 9&. More studious than athletic, she nevertheless feels it is her duty to participate in the school's sports teams, and gets Rumielle involved as well. She enjoys theatre, but is often cast in the leading male roles, much to her chagrin. Erika has been a Digital Angel since she was in junior high school, and takes her role as a protector very seriously.

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