Reflections in Pink


Back in her dorm room, Rumielle sat on the foot of her bed, seemingly lost in thought. She sighed deeply and flopped back onto the plush, pink, lace-trimmed coverlet, kicking her legs up as she did so, but with hands holding her skirt in place. Not that there was anyone to see – her roommate was out, and it wouldn't have mattered so much anyway, both having seen each other in pajamas and even underclothes…

It was the principle of the matter – especially given the comments of the onlookers earlier when she fought the Databi downtown. “I saw her panties!” Cheeks colouring again at the recollection of the comment, she rolled over in bed and buried her face in her pillows. A muffled, but heartfelt, “Why me?” sunk into the cherry blossom pattern of the pillowcases as she kicked her feet in the air, ruffled ankle socks swooshing faintly.

After a few more minutes of idling in bed, she rolled back over, swung her feet off the side of the bed, and stood up. Walking over to her full-length, standing mirror, Rumielle took care when stepping off the area rug onto the hardwood floor. Her first couple days in the dorm, she slipped a bit in stocking feet and had garnered a couple painful bruises. The bruises had long since faded, but the memory remained fresh and the caution persisted. Even distracted in though, muscle memory kept her from slipping out of her natural grace.

She smiled at the dark-haired girl in the mirror, raising her right hand and making a ‘V’ with the first two fingers. She winked and then sighed once more. The other half of the room had her roommate's stuff – furniture identical to Rumielle's: bed, chest-of-drawers, standing mirror, desk and chair, and bookshelves. She spent a few minutes carefully maneuvering the other mirror to her side of the room, arranging it so that the two mirrors faced each other, and then looked back at her reflection again, like she had done on her first day here.

This time, however, it was a little different. She pulled a small, light pink plastic wand out of her purse. With the darker pink, sphere-cut glassy gems, it looked a fair bit like a preschooler's toy – a cheap knock-off of a morning cartoon's animated heroine's wand. But, for Rumielle, it was no toy.

With a short phrase uttered, the transformation began. Instantly, she was surrounded by sparkling stream of binary ones and zeroes spiraling up around her. Her silhouette grew hazy and indistinct, surrounded by a nimbus of pink that obscured everything as her clothing faded away. Even the ribbons that held her hair up in twin poofy ponytails disappeared, and her hair billowed out, streaming down to just below her shoulderblades. Floating a few inches above the floor, she tried to catch a glimpse of herself in the mirrors, but the radiant pink aura kept her features indistinct beyond just the silhouette.

The transformation continued. She seemed to shrink, not just in height, but in dimensions – her modest curves fading somewhat and giving her more youthful proportions. Then, the clothing … her magical girl uniform … began to form about her.

First were the panties – the ones the onlookers spotted – low-rise and high-cut legs, the pink-and-white-striped cotton covered a delicate bit of her nebulous silhouette, reflecting plainly in the mirrors. Almost concurrent with the last finishing touches – a little white lace around the waistband and a tiny pink bow up front – bands of pink and white ones and zeroes wrapped about her neck, wrists, and ankles, forming a pink choker with white ruffles with matching wristbands and little, white, lace ankle socks. Small ribbons drew her hair back up into the style it was in previously, doing not much more than swapping the white ones she was wearing for pink.

The spiral of ones and zeroes drew closer to her and tightened the vertical distance between loops. Pink ones spiraled close about her body, from the upper curve of her reduced bustline to just a few inches past the striped panties. White zeroes spiraled about shoulders and waist and the very bottom edge of the encircling pink digits. From there, the numbers resolved into a pink dress, strapless but for poofy white sleeves the didn't cover much more than her shoulders. Even with a white ruffle across the top of the bodice and a fancy white lace trim along the hem, the outfit was still dominated by pink, until the white around her waist resolved into a half-apron covering the front of her skirts.

More pink ribbons appeared, tying themselves into bows around the bottom of the sleeves, the front of her apron at the top, a ruffle at the top center of her bodice, and an oversized bow at her back, with the tails of the large bow fading to translucence. A maid's headband – naught much more than another white ruffle – appeared across the top of her head, and at the opposite end of her body, spirals of pink and silver resolved themselves into high-heeled ankle boots, completely covering the little white socks that had earlier formed.

Most of the illusory digits had faded and the pink nimbus obscuring her form was no longer evident, but Rumielle still floated in the air, spinning slowly about. A rainbow shimmer sprouted from her bare shoulderblades, forming into small, barely visible, three-pointed, stylizied, shimmering wings. White bunny ears sprouted from the top of her head, but with her hairstyle it wasn't apparent that in doing so, her normal human ears had faded away. This was followed with a bright burst of white sparkles behind her, and a fluffy, white tail grew out over the waistband of her panties, but large enough to push up the short skirts of her pink maid's outfit as it did so.

Concurrent with the forming of the animal features, shimmers of white put little bunny head accents across her outfit, with tiny ones on the choker and wristbands and large ones at the bow in front and tied with silver bands around the ankles of her boots. The last finishing touch was a stream of silvery ones and zeroes wrapping around her left thigh and solidifying into a silvery band that looked a lot like a halo without its glow.

Striking a cute pose as she landed back on the floor, she instinctively spoke “Digital Angel Bunny-ear Maid Rumipettan~ Pretty Guardian of Love and Beauty~ Digital Power Up!”

Despite the transformation into a mahou shoujo seeming like it took several minutes to complete, the second hand of the wall clock had only ticked forward four times.

Looking into the mirror, she was able to see herself as others saw her – a cute girl in pink and white, with bunny ears. She was shorter; even with the heels of her boots, she still had lost several inches of height. And moreover, she looked younger. Rumielle wasn't a good judge of age, she nevertheless felt she looked more like a first-year junior high student than a first-year high school student. And then, using the reflection of the second mirror, she was able to see why she garnered so much attention from the onlookers of her last Databi encounter.

Short skirts and bunny tails don't mix real well. Her tail lifted up the back of her outfit, perpetually showing off her ‘magical’ panties. Rumielle's eyes – already a little larger in proportion to her reduced size &ndash got wider as her cheeks burned.

“No fair!”

She stood, blushing for a few minutes, but since the outfit created itself by magic each time, there wasn't much she could do. Other than not transforming into a magical girl. And that … wasn't really an option. Despite not having asked for such powers, if Databi and monsters were going to plaque Hub City, someone needed to do something about them. And, it seemed, that someone was her.

Releasing the transformation, she returned the mirror back to her roommate's side. It just wouldn't do to let Erika see her like that…

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